On Grief-

On Grief-


I would tell you loss gets easy,
But I’m sure you’ve felt that pain,
An aching dull sensation,
In the middle of your chest;
Hands tremble uncontrollably,
With the phone gripped to your ear;
Sorry we couldn’t save her,
Is the last statement you hear.

The world spins all around you,
But the truth stares in your face;
A soul you loved, a part of you,
Gone from this universe;
To tell you loss gets easy then,
Wouldn’t take away your pain;
So weep my love- unburden
Grieve if it keeps you sane.

The above Image is courtesy of Brokengypsy.tumblr.com

24 thoughts on “On Grief-

  1. For many nights I would lye awake replaying the accident in my head, during the bargaining I would beg God to turn back the hands of time and let me be the one driving. There is absolutely nothing easy about grief.


  2. The rawness of this poem really touched me especially the line about weeping. Crying is so very healing. We need to do it more and not be afraid to! Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Wishing you a good Thursday, Sam 🙂


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