Flash Fiction: The Mysterious Gem

Flash Fiction: The Mysterious Gem


“It’s not just a gem”, began Mr Parker, trying to convince his daughter that the gem he got her was something more.

“Yeah… And Father Christmas is not just a myth”, she concluded. Two things were obvious to Mr Parker: one, his little girl was growing up and two, she wasn’t buying into his magical gem story.

“Alright honey”, Mr Parker gave up. “The truth is, the conference went on too long and I didn’t have time to get you that book you wanted, or get you anything really”. And then he confessed to coming across an Airport trader, Fatima Bhi, who traded Arabian items and she sold him the gem.

“It’s alright”, Sarah sighed “at least you didn’t just forget like the last time”.

Sarah placed the gem on her bedside drawer that night, when a bright pink light emanated from the gem illuminating the entire a room. Wide-eyed and terrified, a feminine voice spoke in a calming tone:
               “I hear someone is in need of a little love”.

Word count:169. The above story is in response to Flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge, hosted by Priceless Joy. This week’s image was provided by an amazing blogger, Jade.M thank you.

25 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Mysterious Gem

  1. Oooohhhh that gave me goosebumps!!! Her father didn’t realize that he spoke the truth!! Hope she gets lots of love and happiness from that little gem and maybe some magic wishes too! 😉

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