All that I’m not-

All that I’m not-


I know-
I am not radiant like the sun,
Nor startling like lighting,
eye catching like a rainbow,
Loud and proud like the thunder.

I’m just a girl
Who’s taken too long to realise,
everything she needs,
she’s had within her,
Right from the start,
To surf through life’s storms,
And emerge at the finish line,
A victor? Maybe not.
But it’s the journey Which matters-

I know all I am not,
And pointing just those facts to me,
Simply proves,
You are one of them,
I do not want.

32 thoughts on “All that I’m not-

  1. No worry about what others say. They should worry about your own problems. People who are like that are often jealous because you have something within you they don’t, no matter if you’re plane or whatever your looks. They’re treated. Great writing Ameena!

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