For Those days-

For Those days-


I write for the days-
When nights seem long,
And eyes won’t dry;
When tears fall non stop,
And silence- too loud.

When the sun is ablaze,
But your world remains dark;
When the clouds part ways,
And your Heart breaks apart.

I write for those days-
When loneliness creeps in,
And memories haunt your mind.
When friends are away,
And none present understands.

I hope you find a friend,
A companion in my words;
I pour my heart for those days,
When you need a helping hand,
When your world is falling apart…

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42 thoughts on “For Those days-

  1. I love this piece! Beautifully written. Words – whether they are mine or someone else’s – have always been a great companion. The paper and the pen are always there to listen, when no one else is around.

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    1. Oh my, I am so glad to hear that words of mine have been comfort, that is truly the point of my writing, so thank you very much, and I wish you roses and peachy days from here onward. πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

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  2. Beautiful poem my sis. You nailed it with line: ‘I hope you find a friend,
    A companion in my words;’ , indeed I can always relate to your poems and find a companion there. May Allah bless you more ..keep writing such beautiful pieces!

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  3. i love the phrase: “companion in my words” for that is just what reading and writing, is for many. Beautiful writing as always Ameena.

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  4. I don’t even know what to write other than how overwhelmed I get every time I read your writings. You’ve been one of the biggest inspirations I’ve had since I started my blog and I hope you continue to blow my mind forever. ❀
    Amazing poetry, Ameena.


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