If you dare-

If you dare-


You can start this very moment,
To make this life your own,
Erase the dusted part of you,
So you can create your home
There’d be cobwebs,
There’d be to roaches,
There’d be traps to hold you back,
In the form of,
Hurtful memories,
Screaming- this, here, is your life.

But honey,
This can’t be your life,
A life that’s riddled in despair,
Where sadness has no comfort,
And love has turned wingless,
So sweep off all those places,
Where the past keeps hiding in,
Then use those wings,
You know you have,
And soar out and be free.

For there’s more to life,
You will find-
Once you dare to take the risk.

The above image is courtesy of Pinterest/Hexdragon.com

20 thoughts on “If you dare-

  1. Happy see you after a Long time , No doubt your poems are deep and meaning full and amazingly creative.

    This not a exception too.

    Keep sharing art which is bound to be free with help of your beautiful words.

    No doubt you are wonderful soul and awesome blogger, kindly accept my kind and humble comment in your honour.

    Good day ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Nisthur, I really appreciate you checking out my blog, reading my poems and noticing my absence. It makes me want to write even more, 😊😊


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