Of her days-

Of her days-


She wrote, but not enough
She cried, a little too much
Her smile, remained confined
Without, reaching her eyes.

She lived not- just survived
Her hope- was growing dark
She slept, each night in hopes
A new dawn, would not arrive.

But if- given the choice
To end her life for good;
She’d struggle, and rise above,
The waves- pulling her down.

She’s sad and just away
From despair, by an inch
And that makes all the difference,
Cause “almost” means- not there yet.

still writes, though not enough;
still cries, sometimes too much;
But she’s living, through sticks and stones,
And for now, that is enough.

The above image is courtesy of Jessica Alexandria

19 thoughts on “Of her days-

  1. “Her smile, remained confined
    Without, reaching her eyes.”
    Oh dear Ameena. There is pain but there is hope. The ironies you presented in this beautiful piece are just breathtaking. ❀

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  2. I feel awful this character wishing there was some way for her to be happier and more fulfilled each day. But there are times for people, life is like this and your line “almost – not there yet” is powerful because she is rising above that urge to end it.

    It reminds me of a movement of sorts here. People who deal with mental illness or attempting and failing suicide or just thinking about suicide, get a semi-colon tattoo. It’s important because it a semicolon means ‘the story/the sentence isn’t over yet. It’s a sign of strength and fighting back. Some people even get these semi-colons decorated like butterflies or flowers. It’s really neat I think. I imagine your character has one of these tattoos even though she’s not aware of it because she is stronger than she knows.


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