The Joy, I carried-

The Joy, I carried-


The light of my life,
And the glint in my eye,
She is the sun who’s rays are undying.

The stars are a stretch,
When her sparks start to shine,
She is a diamond who cannot be cracked.

If the moon is a pearl
Then her face beams a thousand
My baby, my girl, the child that I carried.

Joy came through marriage,
And contentment ensued,
Till for 9 months a soul- emerged in my womb.

The glint in my eye,
My moon during dark,
My baby my girl, the joy that I carried.

The above image is courtesy ofΒ Art from my soul

28 thoughts on “The Joy, I carried-

  1. Beautiful painting of mother and child. Your words matched it so well. I love yours use of repetition and how much the mother loves this child, ” She is a diamond who can not be cracked.” Tells you that however many mistakes this child makes, the mother will still view her as perfectly hers.
    Lovely job Ameena.

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    1. Thank you very Much Maha. I saw you don’t have a comment section on your posts. I want to say you have an AMAZING blog with education and inspiring posts. And it was a pleasure to read them.

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