The Girl on The Street

The Girl on The Street


It came as a curveball,
The news that they met;
A girl on their street,
Had succumbed to death;
But I thought she was happy,
They chorused all day;
And saw flashbacks of her,
With burgers and a grin;
But the truth of the darkness,
Which hovered her being,
Was placed on the status,
Of her various dps;
It was written in the poems,
Which she shared with her friends,
Who described it, “beautiful”,
And ignored its depth;
It was displayed in the redness
Of her eyes after meals,
When she came out of restrooms,
Appearing fatigued.
It was drawn on collarbones,
Poking through her skin,
And the clothes she resized,
For the waists were too big.

It came as a curveball-
News, The illness took her;
Her weight was too downscale,
She couldn’t survive;
But I thought she was happy
Was all they could say,
But for the girl on the street,
It was too late.

33 thoughts on “The Girl on The Street

  1. Oh geeez! This is beautifully written, but also haunting. Geez. Especially these lines:
    “It was written in the poems,
    Which she shared with her friends,
    Who described it, β€œbeautiful”,
    And ignored its depth;”

    It felt so raw and so real, Ameena.

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  2. Well written. Very unfortunate and sorrowful. Her best friends not seeing she needed help, people can be self absorbed, but sometimes they need to look and listen. Sad anorexia/bulemia took her in the end. That she never got help. Good issue to raise.

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  3. Ohhhhhh Ameena, this is a very distressing poem, though written wonderfully.
    How are you? I’m back from my break now. I commented on one of your recent posts, but I’m unsure if you got it. It seems like a lot of my comments are disappearing from my notifications, and others have also not been replying to my comments. Gotta love these WP glicks eh. Haha
    Have a wonderful day and week, my friend.
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. Aw thank you very Stacy.. And I’m sorry about the distressing part. Such issues are to me too.
      Yay!!!! Glad to see you back. I’ve been away for most of April too, only just got back blogging. Haha WP πŸ˜‚. Will check my previous posts.
      Thanks!! Have a lovely week as well

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