C- Cruel to be kind

C- Cruel to be kind


She was taught as a kid,
It was all in good spirit,
When harsh words were hurled at her.

So she grew up thinking,
Maybe love was hidden,
Behind hurtful remarks.

She was taught as a teen,
Man is cruel to be kind,
When the bullies would get physical.

So she married a man,
Who displayed love through fist,
Blaming every mistake on her.

She was taught as a kid,
How to smile through the pain,
That it’d only make her braver.

So she grinned and faked it,
Hid her scars and hurting,
Believing it would make her a brave heart.

Until one sullen morning,
Her weak heart gave away-
She was gone before medics arrived.

They labeled her death- sudden;
Unaware she’d been wilting,
Since the first ever lesson she’d had.

the above image is courtesy ofΒ The odyssey. This is a scheduled post, I am away at the moment, hoping to be back soon. πŸ™‚

41 thoughts on “C- Cruel to be kind

  1. Horrible experience of life this character had. “Wilting / since the first lesson she ever had.” So sad, she wasn’t strong enough to not be loved,to not be treated as a person should. So tragic…

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  2. OH OH OH, its good I have tissues at my desk! πŸ™‚ Wonderful job at describing something so real and painful and getting the word out about what this kind of teaching to kids can cause. <3!

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  3. It’s so sad. Kudos to you for bringing up such an important issue. This first lesson is the root of the problems faced in life. It’s sad that people can’t correct that one glitch and prevent the saga of the long painful death masked by suddenness

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