B- Badmus Family (a Ballad)

B- Badmus Family (a Ballad)


There lived a family down the road,
Where the badmus’ lived with their cat and dog;
Each morning the mister waved Goodbye,
To his darling wife with a peck on each side.

Mr Badmus was a funny looking man,
Sickly thin and barely- five feet high,
The Mrs in contrast was plump and carried,
A few extra pounds, around her thighs.

They lived in the biggest mansion on the street,
And rode in a Bentley, while we watched in envy;
The Mrs adorned in the newest of fashion,
With her Mr at hand, as her greatest passion.

We watched and waited till we tired of waiting,
For disaster to befall their perfect family,
Engulfed in our envy, we failed to see,
The sorrow in their eyes, at the sight of our kids.

For, they had the wealth and they had the love,
But not the offspring they so longed for.
And they had accepted, they couldn’t have everything,
While we held onto ours and thirsted for theirs.

Yet the Mrs smiled, each time she caught our stares,
And the Mr walked like he hadn’t any care;
We thought him snobby, but he was only a man,
Who’d give the wealth all up for a child to care

the above image is courtesy of Examiner.com

23 thoughts on “B- Badmus Family (a Ballad)

  1. You look me on quite a journey there. It’s interesting how we can peer into someone else’s life so smugly and have no idea.
    I am writing letters to dead poets for my theme. They’re turning out to be more philosophical than about their writing. I’m just letting each letter run its own course and I’ve even received a few replies out of the ether.
    I’m really enjoying the challenge.
    xx Rowena


  2. Awwww. See you never know what is going in someone’s heart, if you judge only their expression. The Badmus couple looks at the other family in envy for their children. On the other hand, the other family looks at the Badmus couple in envy for their money. There is something people from all walks of life look out for. Riches is not everything if it is only pertains to material wealth.

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