Flash Fiction: On Second thought…

Flash Fiction: On Second thought…


Why the forlorn face?” Inquired Adolf, the loved-up cow.

Well“, began Amber, the flowered cow. “It’s just that everyone’s hovering around you and admiring your intricately designed flowers and hearts.

I could say the same about you Amber“, Protested Adolf “and You look lovely all flowered up”.

Amber being one not to give up, continued, “but that’s Just it. I might look lovely but you look stunning. Heck, you even have a little peace inscribed on your ear“.

She pouted while Adolf sighed, thinking to himself that Amber could be tough at times. Just then, some kids came towards them screaming,
“Look! That one painted with hearts looks like a Piñata”

Quickly, the rest of the gang grabbed a stick each and headed for Poor Adolf. Amber chuckled like anything, saying
   “on a second thought, I like my flowers”.

word count: 139 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspirng Writers photo prompt challenge, hosted by Priceless Joy. Thank you very much @Swritings for this week’s stunning photo. 

P.S: constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

32 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: On Second thought…

  1. Those intricately painted flowers had hearts are admirable.. But a piñata?No…I think the all flowery one is more like a piñata that will burst with candies 😉
    Flowers have always been my favorite ! Great story 🙂

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  2. Very funny that the kids would think Adolf was a pinata, and started hitting him. I guess Amber is the winner and the end, because the kids won’t be beating her. I’m not sure I would use the name Adolf. I think it’s one of those names ruined forever by Hitler 😦 Great story though.

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    1. In the End, Amber is the winner! She escaped a pinata beating. Thank you Mandi. I agree with you about the Hitler thing. I thought-out Rudolf at first. But didn’t want him being confused with a reindeer.

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  3. Hahaha! So Amber got the last laugh 🙂 Poor Adolf! So creative!! I remember my girls banging on pinatas at their birthday parties, but have to say we never had such a pretty cow be one 🙂

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