A- Absolute day

A- Absolute day


The darkness, which had enveloped the sky gradually dissipated. She gazed as a distinct violet hue of varying intensity made an appearance. It’s lightest shade, meshing with the sky’s cerulean blue, producing together a color calming to view.

She watched entranced, as the tall mahogany tree leaves shuddered to the Northeastern winds and just as if they realized her gaze upon them, turned still except for the occasional sidewards swaying.
The chirping birds filled the atmosphere with their melody, giving the picture perfect scene a bit of background music.

And in that moment, it didn’t matter if the skies would clear and turn a scorching 115 degrees in a few hours; it didn’t matter that the North-Eastern winds would pick up, forming turbulent sand storms; it didn’t matter that the birds chirping would eventually overstay their welcome and get on her nerves. There and then, the day seemed Absolute… Complete… Perfect… Free from imperfections. The odds that it would turn out so were a billion to one. But all that mattered was, in that moment, she believed in it’s absoluteness.

1 down, 25 more letters to go. Thank you @Life home and away for suggesting the word “Absolute”.ย I promise I am not ignoring your posts, comments and follows on purpose. My phone’s screen got cracked and it’s at the repair shop, hoping to get it back by tomorrow. Currently using my sister’s not-so-good hotspot which I totally appreciate ๐Ÿ˜. My apologies.

48 thoughts on “A- Absolute day

      1. That sentence is just so amazing, and powerful for all it encompasses in 4 words. I could so see it as the opening sentence of a great novel–and/or the closing sentence. Reading it again captivates me…if I’m inspired to use it ‘somehow’, would you mind? I would of course credit you properly ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. If you’re able to respond now, I’m hoping you’ll address my question about “borrowing” the line I like so well–with proper credit to you, and link to this post. Of course, if you would rather I did not, please let me know–I will fully respect your wishes. Azul


  2. I feel this way when I go for my classes. My classes are held among the top most floors of a tower in Kuwait city and I can see the beach from there. Our classes usually begin at sunset time. I swear it’s like the best view of the sun as it drowns behind the blue of the sea. It’s pretty overwhelming and I can simply never get over it.
    I get that feeling of “absolute” then when I look at it ๐Ÿ’•

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