The Truth about Truth-

The Truth about Truth-


The truth about truth is
It can be a bitter pill to give forth,
And you won’t know just how tough it is
Till you face it at a cross road,
And in short what life has thought me
Is that lies are easy flowing,
And with one comes forth another
Till a mountain’s made from one Mole.
Till you’re standing at the bottom,
And the lies have reached a tipping point,
They come crashing in one moment,
You’re stuck struggling at the bottom.

Some may ask me how I know this
Of the burden lies keep pilling,
I say, life has taught me the hard way-
Of the weight of fallen mountains,
Of the perks of easy flowing words
Of the falling after graces;
Of the praise a sweet lie brings,
Before a lifetime of grievances;
So in truth, though truth is bitter,
And lies are easy-flowing,
I hope you know the road gets rougher,
After the easy one’s been taken.
And though truth can be a bitter pill,
The best medicines often are.

The above image is courtesy ofΒ An Auslly Fanfic| Wattpad

30 thoughts on “The Truth about Truth-

  1. Wow! You write the most deep, amazing, thought-provoking poems…I’m always at a loss for words for a few moments after reading them…still absorbing what you are putting forth.
    You write “And in short what life has thought me”, did you mean “what life has taught me”, because actually I really like “what life has thought me” so if you did mean to write “thought” than that is just more proof of my previous statements…Beautiful Ameena!!

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  2. I love how you write Ameena. With such clarity. Sometimes it is hard to hear/say the truth but you are right, it is better to know it in the end. I think it!s even Biblical, something like, ” for then you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Truth maybe hard to say but don’t you feel lighter after admitting it?

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      1. It’s not a bad thing to feel guilty about lying it means your conscience is good and you care about honesty. Bravo!


  3. You know there are times I think I can’t be blown away again, for I have come to expect your style of writing and expect to be profoundly touched. BUT even tho I expect it, I still get speechless! Great job!

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