On Loss-

On Loss-


There is no preparation, no test; neither assignment nor hint to prepare us for certain things in this world. We see tales of tragedies and its almost always someone else’s family, no one expects its going to be theirs. No one prepares for that. And then it happens.
The dreaded phone call which brings our carefully crafted glass house of security, crashing with one single statement- “I’m sorry”.

Sorry. And you wonder what they are sorry for. Sorry for the fact they couldn’t save “her”, sorry that it was too late, sorry there’s little they they can do to appease your pain, sorry that they have to be the bringer of bad news, or simply sorry for the departure of another beautiful soul from the world.

There is no preparation, no practice… In that Moment, you either walk across the broken shards feeling the loss with every stinging sensation or, you stare unmoving, long and hard at the broken pieces. Nothing can prepare you for that split second reaction. You either grieve or you don’t…

The above image is courtesy of: Campus health.unc

29 thoughts on “On Loss-

  1. This is true – nothing prepares you for that moment when a life disappears. This hits home for me as my older brother has terminal cancer and I know that even having time to prepare that it will be very difficult when he leaves. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Beautifully written–I especially love what you said: that in that moment, we either grieve, or we don’t. I’m still pondering that, regarding family members I’ve lost. Again, so well done.

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  3. Your words truly hit my heart. Thank you for opening up in this way. To be able to describe so clearly what it means to experience loss is a true gift. I feel you speak for many who don’t have the words but need the understanding. That is a beautiful thing 🙂


  4. Wow! You captured the emotions so perfectly!! And once again the picture is so fitting! You have such a gift with words! ❤ <3! So sorry for the losses you have went through within the last year!

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  5. Feeling lost when someone dear passes away is a sign of a connection. It hits hard only when it hits home. It is certainly hard especially depending on the way the persons die. You explained it aptly.

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