Writer’s Quote: Kahlil Gibran

Writer’s Quote: Kahlil Gibran


The theme for this week’s writers quote is “Wisdom“. It was a befitting choice personally for me, cause I’m currently reading a poetic prose book which I would say is full of wisdom. The book in question is, Kahlil Gibran’s “The prophet”.

At first, I tried to binge read it and get to the end but quickly realized, this wasn’t that kinda book. The prophet, is the type of book where you read a chapter, drown in the beauty of the words and pause at the end to let the all too clear message sink in and resonate with your soul.

Kahlil Gibran talks about majority of things pertaining to our daily lives in his book. Each chapter is dedicated to a struggle- pain, joy, family, love, passion, work and a whole lot more.

The quote above is a passage from the chapter where he writes about friendship. To think that this book was released in the year 1923 and here we are, almost a century later and his words are living on and inspiring. I guess, that’s the beauty of writing. It has no expiry date, it simply lives on…

The above post is in response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge hosted by SilverThreading and RonovanWrites. For more information On how to participate, just click on the highlighted link above. πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote: Kahlil Gibran

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and I love Kahlil Gibran. You are right, his words are to be read and savored much like fine wine and dark chocolate. Your thoughts are always so welcome. You always make me think! ❀

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  2. Kahlil Gibran was an exceptional poet and painter. If you want to see behind the curtain of of Kahlil, you should read the book: Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters of Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell, and Her Private Journal. You will find the document of a unique friendship and love.

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  3. Lovely choice! I too tried to read ‘The Prophet’ quickly, trying to get to the end. Breathless and realising that I had missed much, I turned back the pages, Walking more slowly the second time, savouring each step and each nugget of wisdom πŸ™‚

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