And She Ran-

And She Ran-


Raised with the notion to never,
Get burned by the same flame twice;
So she ran and sought for cover,
While the moon was on her side;
But the night doesn’t last forever,
And he found her- claimed “I love you”;
Five grim years had thought her better,
She said, “apparently your fists do too”.

The hovering clouds dissipated,
Golden rays streamed right through;
There was a time she’d have trusted,
The honey which from his tongue drooled;
But she’s been raised with the notion,
Mama didn’t raise no fool;
So she ran and sought for cover,
From the one she once loved true;
Sweet words were magic until
They get bruised onto you.

43 thoughts on “And She Ran-

  1. As they say,
    No matter how bad something is, something good will always come out of it.
    You got out stronger. You got to see the bold side of you, that side of you which chose self respect, not self loathing. You’re on the right path. Best wishes,

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  2. Your poems are so deep Ameena. Your main character runs both because she loves this guy and because he hurts her, he beats her. Such a burden to love someone who physically/verbally abuses you. But I think she had best run, she is”no fool” and she is strong because she doesn’t stay. Nicely done!

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  3. Great poem. But I have a question: in the next to the last line of the first stanza, did you mean “five grim years had TAUGHT her better”?


  4. Oh how this breaks my heart over and over–I’m glad that we are free to write about our domestic/romantic horrors–but I SO yearn for the day when we are no longer victimized by those who claim to Love us, and no one will need write of it again. Bless you πŸ™‚

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