She knows what it’s like,
To be terrified
Of the face looking back,
To want to run,
But there’s no where to hide;
The world too small,
To keep them at bay,
The haunting thoughts…
She knows what it’s like,
To put in words,
Feelings you can’t decipher;
To write down rhymes,
At dusk with the moon
The tears streaming down.

She knows what it’s like,
To shrivel back,
At the touch of a hand;
To build a wall,
Around one’s brokenness;
To live a life,
Barely surviving;
She knows what’s it’s like,
To feel alone,
With a crowd all around;
To search for hope,
At the Brink of desperation
And that’s the reason,
She won’t let you go.
She knows what’s it’s like
And vows you won’t,
have to surf it alone.

the above image is courtesy of Juniorgman.tumblr

43 thoughts on “Haunted…

  1. Obviously you have your own thoughts on what your words mean to you, or what you want to convey with them; of course the reader may from time to time make their own interpretation. I thought it was beautiful in its’ openness. I’m sure it has many layers of meaning to many different people. Thank you, very inspiring.

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  2. Great. Because she suffers and knows what it’s like gives her a kind of special knowledge. She knows how much it hurts so she won’t do it to her. It makes her noble in her suffering and brave. It also makes her dependable. But I feel terrible for her experiencing all this pain over and over.

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      1. I’m sorry to have nailed it because I think she had a terrible time of it. But I am glad she doesn’t wish the same on others.

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  3. Heyyyyy Ameena. I just got back from traveling for almost a week. Your post is the first I’ve read since returning. Great job on writing on the unfortunate reality of far too many girls and women.
    Hope you’re well, and please have a wonderful day and week.
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. Yay! How was the journey, hope you had an amazing time. I also have been away from the blogging work for almost the entire week πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.
      Awww, now this makes me happy, being the first ☺️.

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