Writer’s Quote: Hunter S. Thompson

Writer’s Quote: Hunter S. Thompson


The wind is in constant motion, carrying along with it clouds gathering moisture; the leaves of the trees dance wildly then slowly, increasing in volume and decreasing, constantly changing from green to brown and everything in between; the ocean’s waves rises and crashes moving towards the shore with varying intensity; seasons change from winter to spring to summer to autumn and once in every four years an extra day appear. All around us is in constant motion and there we are, feeling stuck.

The truth is, if we can dissect our lives, minute by minute and reflect on every passing moment, we will come to the conclusion- life is constantly changing; we are constantly changing. But then again, we are our own worst critic. We beat ourselves up for things beyond our control. We beat ourselves up despite trying our best.
I have come to the conclusion now, if just one minute aspect of my life has changed In a positive way, then it’s not just for nothing.

I’d like to believe we all have dreams and goals which we aspire towards no matter our ages, some of grandeur while some simplistic; some aim to write everyday and improve while others aim to publish a worthy book; some have deadlines and some don’t; here’s to wading away the feeling of being stuck, here’s to writing our way through constantly changing momentum, and here’s to achieving our goals while still living In the present. Here and now, is all we have.
                     This random turned a year older today, hence the reflection 🙊
To end this with a quote by Hunter S. Thompson:


This post is in response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading.

32 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote: Hunter S. Thompson

  1. There is a quote of his that I really love. Faster, faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death. Cool guy 😛 and yeah there was also a letter of his! Damn that was gooddd

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  2. Happy Birthday Ameena!

    The pictures get to me as I might be around the age (lol). I think young people beat themselves up a lot about our future because we see what a lot of people have achieved especially at ages similar to ours. But maybe we should just focus of living life a day at a time and living it well.


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