Lock and Key-

Lock and Key-


There are times when she feels a burning desire to tell you of all that aches within. She knows you will understand, but… And that “but” is the bump on the road jolting her back from divulging to you. The fear, the inevitability that some day, one day, the words she trusts you with would spill from your tongue unrestrained; the truth she hands over to you lock and key would be employed as a weapon, your weapon against her.
                                  It wouldn’t be the first time…
And for that reason, dear friend, she knows she should tell you of all that aches within… But she can’t.

The above image is courtesy of Poetrygrrl.com

25 thoughts on “Lock and Key-

  1. I can understand her thinking. Truths, secrets are all well and good when someone likes you, but if they get upset or mad at you, they can be the first weapon a friend/boyfriend/husband chooses to use against you. Great job Ameena.

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