Of the one I loved-

Of the one I loved-

I loved a boy once,
A grave mistake;
Gave him my heart,
Which he displaced;
He left a void,
I wrote to fill;
Heartbreak was one-
Poetry couldn’t heal.

I loved a boy once-
Recent history;
And patched his pieces,
At the expense of me;
He grew new wings,
I lost my grip;
He flew to places,
I needed fixing.

I loved a boy once-
Whom I couldn’t keep;
His word was the law,
I, a willing victim;
He showed me the stars,
And dimmed my flick;
He left a void-
I am writing to fill.

The above image is courtesy of Avrilmvh.com

57 thoughts on “Of the one I loved-

  1. It’s relatable but that’s not what makes it so beautiful. It’s the way you’ve penned it down. Heart achingly beautiful this is Ameena. You are an angelic soul with a beautiful heart. Your writings reflect that. :’)

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    1. What a coincidence! I just finished reading your post “dark diaries” when I saw your comment. Thank very much darling, I really appreciate the kind words. You are amazing for putting a smile on my face with your comment ❤️❤️

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    1. Me too girl! I have missed yours, unfortunately I wouldn’t fully be back till next week. I Haven’t been feeling too good so, not written much plus my phone’s spoilt. But wil try and fix it soon .
      Xoxo. ❤️

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  2. Ameeeeeeeena!! Is there any other way to express this better??? I don’t think so!! I think this was soo beautiful that I seriously am in the verge of breaking down!! *Trying to breathe so that my parents don’t notice* I wish you were near so that I could give you a hug for writing this amazing piece of HISTORY! It’s toooo breath takingly amazing!! ❤ I am now I am gonna assume this was from experience atleast once, coz your poems reveal a pain… which is a pain only felt by one's in distress!! Even though I hope you never have.. I do feel that pain!! I can't stop myself frm noticing it! 😛


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