Her Story-

Her Story-


Her story lay not in the ink filled lines of a notebook or in the rhyming of her poems. They exist in the gaps between her words, in the hyphen between sentences and in the full stop following a phrase. Her story, she embedded in the midst of Beauty, hoping, wishing, someone would wonder enough to decipher the coded darkness floating between them.
Alas, her story lay in vain…

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35 thoughts on “Her Story-

  1. So, no one able to decode her inner thoughts. That is actually the case for all those who would live life in the deeper layers than portrayed on “legally blonde” for example. In these depths, you have to find your own oxygen to breathe or you will choke. Again, the need for self-empowerment. Apart from that… from a feeling perspective, comes across as very sad and filled with desperate longing, a longing that obviously doesn’t get satisfied.

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      1. Many ways to look at “Her Story” – the protagonist. The species, homo sapiens, is gregarious indeed, but it cannot be trusted to understand, to be compassionate without judgment and everybody has an agenda. Many victims of abuse, etc., suffer as much at the hands of a system that purports to “help” as they do from their abusers and they hide. When a wild animal is wounded it doesn’t trumpet its problem to others for sympathy and help, it knows better. It hides and heals itself, or it dies, alone. There is a part or us that remains at that level. I know I have that. I’ve always taken care of my own health and healed myself of wounds and diseases and abuse by withdrawing and running away. No drugs, no doctors, no hospitals, no shrinks, no police. I know the time is coming when my immune system isn’t going to cope anymore: bodies are finite and I accept that. Passing will be short and relatively painless because the mind, the consciousness, will allow the body to die. Victims are weak, ashamed, frightened and they hide it within themselves. That’s nature. Sadly, there is hardly anything natural left in the “man” species, hence its growing quest for artificial cures to its maladies and a skewed belief that “society” actually cares. It only cares when power and profit is gained over the victims it continues to victimize. There is an old saying from my birth country: “Pour vivre heureux, vivons caches.” (To live happy, live hidden.) This was probably coined during the great tribulations and wars of the dark ages in Europe but it remains just as true today.

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