WP and Spam Comments

WP and Spam Comments

I hate to do this but it’s been really frustrating. I spent time yesterday going through your posts and commenting but I didn’t receive any reply. Today, I checked some of the posts I commented on, only to find that the comments I left have disappeared. A dear blogger notified me that she’d found two of my comments in her spam box. If you could all care to check your spam boxes, Lord knows the different bloggers comments we’d find floating on there. And WordPress, why send my comments to spam?!

going to go off commenting till this is fixed, sorry guys.Β 

35 thoughts on “WP and Spam Comments

  1. The same is happening with me with the comments not appearing. Ugh. Word press is up to some funky business again. I found a comment of yours in my Spam box too. Already sent you a note about it.
    Have a great day Ameena. πŸ™‚


    1. I did Pj. They sent me an email saying “they can’t see why asking would be catching my comments”. I was then requestes to fill another form. I hope it gets sorted out.


  2. Yup I found one of your comments in my spam box yesterday, I unspammed it…yet other comments made by you came through fine…don’t know what’s up lately with spam…PJ went into my spam too….I’ve gone into others’ spam as well. Hence my late reply to your comment! Aw I’m gonna miss your comments…hope they straighten it out soon!! xo


      1. What’s strange is that the comments had been coming thru fine and then all of a sudden they decide it’s spam? Makes no sense…hmmm.


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