For Them-

For Them-


For the kids with stone as their weapon,
The sky as their roof;
Bloodshed a daily occurrence,
Freedom to live besieged;
For the kids whose tears fall unnoticed,
Voices hoarse from cries;
Struck from every angle,
Their innocence dimming.

For the mother who buries lifeless bodies,
Of children she’s outliving;
One whose milk has dried from hunger,
While her newborn is weeping;
For the ones who dread the sun at daybreak,
For the onslaught it brings forth;
I say, is it worth it fighting-
The ones with stone as their weapon.

photo credit: taken byΒ Peter Biro/ IRC

65 thoughts on “For Them-

  1. sigh…thank you for sharing this sad story…we take so much for granted in life and this makes me appreciate more the freedoms I have…my heart goes out to children who have to experience the ravages of war.

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  2. Long Live Syria, May the Greatest Supreme of The Skies and Earths have mercy on the Syrian children and all the children stuck in conflicts across this world. Ameena, this made me cry because I have worked in Damascus and I cannot begin to explain how heart broken I am at this today’s state!

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    1. Ameen πŸ™Œ. It is heartbreaking to see what’s going and the innocent children are the ones who are affected the most. All we Can do is Pray things get better In Sha Allah


  3. Aww, they are so cute, I want to pinch their cheeks (in a kind way). Everytime I see a news cast of the refugees crisis in Europe, I wonder a million thought. Your poem speaks of their plight.

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    1. Hahaha, me too! Sometimes, I go out of my way to avoid reading such news because of the sadness. It is heartbreaking to see their plights and there isn’t much one can do about it.


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