Writer’s Quote: Matthew G. Gubler

Writer’s Quote: Matthew G. Gubler


Meet Mathew Gray Gubler. Some of you may know him as the genius FBI agent on Criminal Minds, Dr Spencer Reed. He is also involved in another aspect of creative arts other than acting/directing – Painting, to be more precise.

As the popular saying goes, “you may be the ripest peach in the garden, yet there’ll be someone who hates peaches”. In life, criticism is bound to follow. We can sit all day doing nothing and still be criticized for doing just that. Chasing our dreams is only going to increase the force of criticism. Certain things can’t be escaped, but our perspective of them goes a long way in how we deal with them- criticism is one of such things. If we could employ the advice of Matthew Gray Gubler, and just for a moment, envision criticism to be the beautiful creation he described it to be, it might be a whole lot easier to deal with.

Taking criticism by the hand and viewing it through rose colored glasses is not an easy task. But then again, it’s also not impossible. Bad days happen; negative comments have the tendency to strike just the right nerve; it hurts when hard work is viewed as everything less. We can’t control people’s words towards us but we can control to some extent, our reaction to them.
Next time we are hit with the close fisted criticism, lets try to imagine the words of our criticizers (as hard as it is), as nothing more than incentives towards a colorful masterpiece. And if that doesn’t work out, I say, sleep on it. Yup, some days, all the wisdom of inspirational words can only do so much without that much needed sleep, if we are being realistic. Sleep, and hopefully, the new day would bring a brighter perspective.

This post is in response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading.

30 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote: Matthew G. Gubler

  1. Definitely something to think about. It isn’t as easy as said, but reminding ourselves that criticism should be ignored will at least after while do some good. That being said, constructive criticism should be taken in the right sense too. The problem is differentiating between the two.

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