Flash Fiction: Mommy’s day out

Flash Fiction: Mommy’s day out


“Remember, be-have!”, Christine warned the kids right before they stepped into the restaurant. She marched over to the counter with Mark where they requested a menu for their table.

Christine had barely slumped into a seat when the terrifying sound of “mama” came to her ears. She smiled at her husband, “so much for behaving”.
“What happened sweetie?”, she asked, putting on her mummy face as one of the four approached her with teary eyes.

“Who’s your favorite child”, her teary four year old asked.
Experience with three previous kids had taught Christine there was no right answer to the question. She threw Mark a sympathetic look. The sides of her lip turned upward as she watched her husband handle the situation gallantly.

“Once this come”, she said, pointed to a growing bump, “my garage is officially out of business”. Mark couldn’t contain his laughter as he remembered that was the same thing she said after their 3rd. 

“We’ll see” he teased, knowing although the kids drove her nuts, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Word count: 176 words. Thank you Etol Bagam for this week’s picture. This is my submission to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. Each week, we get a picture to write a 150 give/take 25 word story on. You’re welcome to participate, the more the merrier. Just click HERE.

29 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Mommy’s day out

  1. AWW! Love it! Cracking up about the garage statement! YUP, wouldn’t have it any other way! I just had my hubby rub my stomach tonight as we were watching a show about a pregnant woman and she wanted her husband to feel the baby move. He said, but you don’t have a baby in there. I said, “How do you know?” HAHA! JUST KIDDING! He is right! But I did love feeling their kicks!


  2. The only problem with sentences like ‘my garage is officially out of business’ is that the kids are bound to remember the and repeat the in the most embarrassing situations… Loved the story though! 😉


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