On heartbreaks-

On heartbreaks-


What was it like, she asked:
It was the soft drizzle,
Of rain-
Before a stormy weather;
It was the haunting
Before rumbling thunder.
It was the knowing
Which comes-
Before a world comes undone.
The bitterness of coffee
It hits an ulcer.

It was all that I knew,
But regretted-
Ever knowing.
It was the rippling,
Of waves-
From a miniature pebble.
It was the puddle of rain,
A storm aftermath.
It was wanting
To retrace-
But all was said,
All was done.

The above image is courtesy of Pinterest

27 thoughts on “On heartbreaks-

  1. “All was said, all was done.” I like this line, for it reminds me that we can’t redo the past. But no matter how painful and ugly or happy and exciting it was, it becomes part of who we are. Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. “What is it like?” “Its like knowing strings of your heart are gonna be pulled and a tear may even come to your eye!” “Yup that’s what its like as soon as I click on your blog!:) ❀


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