A Wallflower-

A Wallflower-


It was the question she yearned,
For someone to ask;
It was the words left unsaid,
Which tugged at her heart;
It was the silence following,
An argument backed out of;
It was all the missed chances,
Of a girl, a wallflower.

It was the sacky eyes hidden,
Behind lush mascara;
It was the curve of her lips,
Upward despite anger;
It was the people leaving,
Without having closure;
It was all the days trials,
Which built up the wall around her.

It was the solitude she sought For,
In the arms of her father;
It was the tears that were wiped,
By the kiss of a mother;
It was the forehead In acquiescence,
With the law of the creator;
It was the littlest of things
That still kept a wallflower
Going, the littlest of things-
Which holds together, a wallflower.

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