A speck of dust-

A speck of dust-


To the boy I gave my heart….
It wasn’t your fault, I fell in love with you. It just happened, as all love do. I take the full blame for that. You had a gift of making the bitterest things taste like honey and the hopeless, feel like the duchess of England. You made a lady out of me and gave me the push to chase my dreams. You made me oblivious to the truth staring Bulls eyes in front of me. At the centre of it all, was “You”.

You needed a lady, and turned me Into one. You needed a trophy and pushed me to success. And there I was, thinking “oh, but he loves me”. And you did, you loved who I was turning into. You loved who I had become. But how couldn’t you, “you made me”.
I guess even a genius isn’t immune to Love’s trick.

And it took too long a time to realize the world revolved around one person in that mind of yours and that person was “You”, anything else was a speck of dust. I, was a speck of dust In your galaxy. A dust which had now evolved into a diamond, gleaming after your destruction. Some might call it success, but you still won didn’t you. You took along that piece of flesh enclosed within my rib cages when you left.

P.S a work of fiction .

The above image is courtesy ofΒ Those brown eyes.tumblr

44 thoughts on “A speck of dust-

  1. Beautiful poem very evocative. I too am struggling with love as this guy I have very strong feelings for, sometimes thinking I am in love with him and want to marry him, is not interested in me at all and now has a girlfriend. It’s heartbreaking as I feel we are so compatible. But I’m going to move on and have decided that 2016 is going to be the year that I finally find that happy healthy relationship, that I have only briefly experienced before. My life has been blighted by unrequited love, I want that to end this year. http://bit.ly/1ER5cLY

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  2. She was like a project for him, he cut and stitch an ideal girl for himself. However the important thing is she eventually realize what was happening. Here’s to her healing and learning process.

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  3. An extremely evocative and masterful piece of prose/poetry. I could very much relate to the women in the story. How she loved someone who made her into what he wanted, not what she was and then took off when he was done with her and stole her heart. I know women do this too but men. It makes me so angry how easily they can move on without you when you cared so much for them. Great truthful fiction Ameena.

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    1. It is true, it happens with both sexes. It actually made me furious thinking, “how can you get over someone you claim to love that quickly”. But then, I guess that’s life. Thank you for your Comment mandi πŸ™‚

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  4. I too could relate to the love she felt for him and did everything to “become” what he would love, but it was not enough. I think perhaps we all have a love like this in our lifetime and it actually teaches us a wonderful lesson although we suffer so initially, but then realize if he, whoever the next he may be, doesn’t love me for me then I must move on to the one who will! Beautifully written, you are so talented!

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  5. Wonderful emotional piece of writing. I think most of us (including men) have felt this type of love before when all we were to our love interest was “a speck of dust.” This embodied those feelings very well!

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  6. This poem reminded me of one I had written in way back in 1996…wow…twenty years ago…but still as true today as it will probably always be. It is called, “Lover’s Lost Prize”. I will post it under my Poetry section on my website, underneath “Poetry from Past Life”…give me a few minutes…the only difference with my poem is that it isn’t fiction. It truly did happen; but we all learn some time or another…well maybe not all, but most generally do. Great piece of inspirational writing to cut to the core of our inner feelings of manipulation and deceit. – LaVancia


    1. It does have a speck of reality in it 😁. Well, I am honored to have taken you to a virtual place. Thank you Ahmad.
      BTW, your Ahmad is with an ‘a’ not ‘e’ right?


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