Him, her, coffee…

Him, her, coffee…


Here we go again;
The girl-
With the notebook;
The boy,
With his hopes up,
Today will be the day,
I can see the eagerness-
In the way,
He twitches his left foot,
Sifts his fingers
Through raven hair;
How doesn’t she notice.
I pass his coffee- the usual
He smiles;
I sigh;

The girl has arrived,
Note in hand, gaze down
I notice, I just notice
The flushed cheeks
Twirling hair-
She was into him, too;
I sigh again
At the hopelessness of lovers.
Do I bring these two
Tell him to tell her;
But then-
I’m only a waiter
I move on to the next order
Leaving the lovers-
To another day of
I wish I’d said something…

So, I came across this awesome poem by Rupali, “The girl in the bookstore” which inspired me to write this poem. But that’s not all, Rupali’s poem was actually inspired by one written by are Rehman Jafar “The coffee shop“. Thank you guys for inspiring me.

The above image is courtesy ofΒ The bw photo

45 thoughts on “Him, her, coffee…

  1. Very well presented. Was the waiter simply an observer, or an envious outsider? I loved the last line because it is a little ambiguous. Should she have broken the barrier between the two at the table? Should she have expressed her own feelings to the boy (after all “He smiles. I sigh.”). Wonderful Ameena.

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    1. I love your analysis of this poem. I was planning on making the waiter a lover, but then didn’t know how to fit it in without confusing readers so I ended up with the waiter, being an observer to their little love play.

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      1. I think you did make the waiter a lover simply with the “He smiles. I sigh.” I cannot think of any other reason to sigh but in wishful thinking; of dreaming of what might be; of wishing that she was sitting at that table. πŸ™‚ Nice one!

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  2. Who knew my poem would create a trail and the poetry you and Miss Book Thief posted would be so amazing. This is amazing, I loved your perspective as well, the one I never thought of. Thank you Ameena. πŸ™‚

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  3. Absolutely love this poem! Partially because it just reminds me of a friend and I. He loves his coffee – makes it for me sometimes too – and I always have my notebook. We’re both in our own worlds too afraid to speak out. Loving the fact you captured a snapshot of it.

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