I’m Done-

I’m Done-


I’m done. How many times I’ve said that word and betrayed the very essence of it. But there’s only so long I can hold on to our broken pieces before the shards imprint a permanent infirmity. No, I am not done. I will be, but i’m not. I’m just getting started. I might leave for a day and slip back for an hour; leave for two days and slip for some minutes; leave for a week and slip back for a few seconds. I’d keep leaving and slipping untill there is nothing left to slip back to- I have arrived at my destination and I am done, done with you.
But until then, I am just getting started…

image credit: waterdropsonmywindow.wordpress

25 thoughts on “I’m Done-

  1. This is great!…it speaks volumes on the process and reminds me of ….”two steps forward, one step back”
    (seemingly for every attempt to make progress in a task, an actual retrograde performance is achieved.)

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