Stigma shame-

Stigma shame-


How much longer,
Does my heart have to bleed?
How far should my tears fall,
For you to believe?

Should I bottle my teardrops
And save them in jars?
Would it make you believe,
I can’t help that I cry?

Should I cut across my wrist,
Till it bleeds out words;
For you to believe,
Depression is not a choice?

Do you need me to scream,
Till my larynx turns hoarse?
Do you need me to defend,
My mental status?

Should I carve out my diary
Words, etched into stone?
So the whole world can witness
the turmoil- between heart and soul?

Do you think I don’t miss her
The girl I used to be?
Or that some nights I don’t wonder
What on earth led me to this?

You shamed me with your stigma;
You shamed me with your words;
You claim to not- believe in depression,
Well then, I don’t- need your validation.

***Dear You, this poem is dedicated to you. <3***