Today was not okay-

Today was not okay-


Curled up.
Nowhere to run
No one to run to
The silence- haunting
Limbs- trembling
Face, stained
In all the right places.
Today- was not okay.

A while,
A long time it took-
Regained composure
Silence, still haunting
Limbs- exhausted
Face- weary;
Today- was not okay.

An overdue setback;
Overtaking emotions;
Grim thoughts- engulfing
Alone- vulnerable
The thoughts won that time.

Was not okay;
The thoughts- raging;
She did get through it;
She knows she can-
Tomorrow will be okay.


34 thoughts on “Today was not okay-

  1. Ameena this was extraordinary. I felt so sad for this young lady. Then, you ended it so sweetly, there is always the glorious hope of tomorrow. You reminded all of us, no matter how bad your day is, there is always the hope that tomorrow will be better. An inspiring post. Good work.

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  2. Reading this you can feel her distress and the struggle to gain control of the situation knowing there are days when she can not , but still encouraged that setbacks do happen , however , you feel her looking forward to a new day and a better one. Lots of emotion and weariness in this poem, but also hope. Very good poem!

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    1. Thank you JC! I couldn’t have analyzed this poem any better, really you nailed it. It makes me happy to see that the exact meaning I was trying to share has rightly been captured. πŸ™‚


  3. Tomorrow is always a word used to equate hope…that the situations of today’s failings, distress is just for a moment for it would pass away…this is a beautiful poem, a glimpse of a hidden section of a life.

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