Flash Fiction: Sweet sweet revenge…

Flash Fiction: Sweet sweet revenge…


Swoosh went the swing of her paintbrush splattering it’s content unapologetically. Lila dipped the brush blindly into one of the dozen paint buckets beside her just as she had done for over 15 minutes.

Relieved, she stepped back to view her masterpiece- something felt missing. Lila grabbed an innocent basket of cacti and dropped it on the roof of her project. Ah! Now that’s better, she declared.

She rummaged her pockets for the permanent marker she brought and completed her masterpiece with a few words-
“To Ed,
You can keep your ring, she’ll keep her daddy’s name.

Signed: your soon-to-be ex wife’s best friend.

Lila turned to leave when she sighted her best friend being too cosy with a man who wasn’t Ed, her husband. Doubt crept up on Lila, what if Ed wasn’t the reason for the divorce after all. But it was too late to undo the damage she had done. 

Word count: 152 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. The above image is courtesy of Pixabay.com
P.S- the line “you can keep your ring, I’ll keep my daddy’s name” which is the original wording is a phrase I got from Miranda Lambert.