Not broken-

Not broken-


He tried to fix her
But she wasn’t broken;
She had the prettiest eyes,
And behaved in the strangest way-
So quiet, yet observant;
And that was just-
Who she was,
Who she ever wanted to be ;
He couldn’t see that;
He kept trying to fix her-
But she wasn’t broken.

54 thoughts on “Not broken-

  1. The message here is correct on so many levels. How many people have been falsely diagnosed, or “labelled” with a condition they do not have, or treated incorrectly. Of course the reverse scenarios are also true. May be an opportunity for a “debate” sometime in the future. Very thought provoking Ameena. πŸ™‚

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    1. That was so my point! As long as certain things don’t fit our ideas, then it doesn’t matter anymore because we’ve already closed them up as “not normal”.
      Hahah, maybe. Thank you very much. It really disturbs me when people, as you said, are falsely labeled.

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