Writer’s Quote: Ray Bradbury

Writer’s Quote: Ray Bradbury


I believe, in life there are no guarantees. Just because you strive with every muscle In your body to reach the finish line In time doesn’t mean you’re going to make it. It might rain, a storm might abruptly occur on that sunny day, anything can happen to hinder the final result. Does that mean, you sit back and stop training, watch the race pass you by all in the fear or what might or might not occur, No. You still train anyway, because giving it your best shot beats a whole lot out of spending the rest of days in the cycle of wondering, “maybe if i had trained…”

I chose the above quote by Ray Bradbury because, more often than not, I see people saying, I wish I had done this or I wish it had done that. Unfortunately, no human can guarantee tomorrow, even I, writing this might not be here. Either way, the biggest regret would be to leave the pen and paper lying around in the hopes of writing on a tomorrow that might not come. The piece is not going to write itself. Sure, you might start writing and then get ecstatic about the piece and write for a few more hours until it’s way past your bedtime indicating coffee would be needed the next day. But then again, imagine a tomorrow where you wake up with the thought “I’ll try and start writing today” and the one where your mind goes, “wow, I can’t believe I wrote all that”.

Life has no guarantees, if you want to write, the best day to start is today, not tomorrow, not any other day. Nobody is going to remember “He had always wanted to be a writer in his mind” because nobody knows. But everyone would remember that uncompleted manuscript (if tomorrow doesn’t come) which might have been a best seller.

This is submission to the inspirational writing event, “Writer’s Quote Wednesday”. For the first time, my post is ready on a Wednesday. I’ve got to start with me, nobody’s going to remember the writer’s quote post I was supposed to do tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote: Ray Bradbury

  1. “Either way, the biggest regret would be to leave the pen and paper lying around in the hopes of writing on a tomorrow that might not come.”

    Wise words, never leave for tomorrow what you can do today. I need to write my novels, to heck whether they are published or not. I think this is the year for November writing, even if I do it in private.

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  2. Sometimes guarantee is a misty thing making an eye future. That misty guarantee is hope. Sometimes some guarantees are making up their face to a shiny shape of hope…It happens in Some…Times. But u had written well. Its all facts. Well did.

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