Of love and regrets-

Of love and regrets-


And I let you go,
Do I regret it, No-
Except for the days the sunrises
And the nights the stars fall;
And the moment a thick cloud gathers
And the sight of a red golf;
And the diner across my apartment
And the scent of lavender plush;
And the moments your memories flash black
Like a blackout, clouding my neurons.

Regrets are part of a life lived
And your dreams demanded your call;
And I chose with all of my valor,
To give into what you want.
Was a month, then two, then silence
I knew for a fact- we were done.
And my heart beats just a little faster-
For your dream- was never me all along.

day 5 of October Poetry Writing Month. The prompt: capture a relationship or a feeling. Don’t just tell it, show it.Β 


30 thoughts on “Of love and regrets-

  1. Regrets of first para are better than reconciliation in second para. Particularly ‘and the….’ supplemented with marvellous phrases and words, as if written about something close, has a personal touch. And the sight of the red golf! Somehow, the tempo wades down in second para, as if author doesn’t heartily wish to regret or reconcile πŸ™‚

    Good Poetry.


    1. You have a great eye and you’re right too. I wrote the first part as a standalone but then, at the last minute decided to include the 2nd part, hence the difference.
      Thank you ☺


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