Only a moment-

Only a moment-


And I know
You’re a disaster,
Waiting to occur;
A volcano,
Waiting to erupt;
But for a brief moment
I give in to delusions-
Hoping maybe,
It’ll be roses
‘Stead of molten;
And you’ll be my charming
‘Stead of the reality
I know, you are.

The brief moment-
Was all it took,
To smear your molten,
And burn wounds;
But honey,
It was only a moment-
It hurt,
It burns,
I’ll survive.
You deluded
Me with words;
But you can be charming
For only so long,
Before reality,
Deals you
An unwelcoming knock.
I won’t stick around
To soothe or numb;
I hoped you were charming,
I was wrong…

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