Flash Fiction: Sir and The Lady

Flash Fiction: Sir and The Lady


He stood chest out, hands on hips, staring down the soul of the horses. It was like he was daring them. Snowy and browny were the only two horses with enough courage to raise their head while the others bowed to Sir’s domineering presence.

What the lovely Lady Dominica saw in him, the horses wondered. Sir was nothing more than an empty barrel with little empathy towards anyone but himself, they gossiped. The horses knew the moment lady Dominica said “yes” to the cocky son of a gun’s proposal, they’ll be the first to go. It was a miserable thought.

Lady Dominica had found out about sir’s underhand plans. She strode down the ranch, looked Sir in the eyes and proclaimed, “Sir, you can shove your proposal up your…“, she caught herself, not wanting to curse in front of her horses. She turned around to walk away then said, “Oh, and I’m keeping the ring. Now we are even”.

word count: 159. This story is in response to flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Scott, author of the blog Scott’s Place, Thank you.Β And now to some conspiracies, what do you think Sir must have done to Piss Lady Dominica off that much?

26 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Sir and The Lady

  1. LOL! I love the terms you use, “empty barrel,” “son of a gun.” Great story and I’m so glad Lady Dominica turned down his proposal because he sounds like a real jerk! (Good for her for keeping the ring). I really enjoyed this story Ameena. Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. πŸ™‚

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