Mental Health Friday #6

Mental Health Friday #6


What NOT to say to an ill person:

1)“You look terrible. How are you feeling?”: I am pretty sure if a person looks terrible, chances are, they feel terrible too. And I am also sure the right conforming answer here would be: I’m fine

2) “You’re looking thin, you sure have lost a lot of weight, I know its hard but you should really eat.”: I should point here that for a person going through chemo, this is totally inappropriate, because a) they do not have the appetite to eat courtesy of nausea and vomiting b) it doesn’t matter how much they eat, weight loss is a side effect of the chemo.

3)”Awe you don’t look so good, treatments are rough eh?”- but of course they are rough. Drugs especially, psychotropic drugs change the biological and chemical balance in our body.

4)”Well my (mum, dad, uncle, friend, relative) had a similar problem and they tried (?????) and it worked. You should do that cause it makes it go away”

5) “You’re looking a little stressed. Are your treatments going ok?”: and if you say they aren’t, I have a feeling the next statement would be no(6) below.

6) “well just keep praying”.

The above list was compiled and sent to me by Colin from who is one of my greatest Mental Health Friday supporters since day one.

And it’s another Friday, which means another Mental Health Friday. I would love to do another of this list. So, if you were having a chronic Illness or mental illness, what are some of the things you wouldn’t want someone to say to you? Please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to include it in next week plus the link.

P.S: an MHF story would be published later in the day. Stay tuned and looking forward to hearing from you.


12 thoughts on “Mental Health Friday #6

  1. “God does not give us anything we cannot bear, so it is your trial.” If I would get 25 cents for the number of times I have heard that comment made to suffering people especially people who are depressed when the doctor cannot find a diagnosis, I could build a new church. What the person needs now is kindness and love and possibly financial help, not a reminder of a twisted scripture when they are at their lowest.

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  2. When I read comments in relation to the picture you ised above, it triggers an uncontrollable urge to roll one’s eyes to the heavens they believe will help.


    1. I know!! There’s a TedX video I once watched about what to say to an Ill person and it pointed to something about Silence. And truly sometimes Silence and just being there is better than the words we utter

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  3. “Don’t let it get to you. Think positive and look on the bright side”. This statement can make you feel worse, as if you are not trying hard enough to cope. It does mean well, but sometimes, like you mentioned, Silence and just being there is tremendously helpful.


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