My top 9 Talents you won’t want!

My top 9 Talents you won’t want!


After reading JoyRoses Monday post on top 9 talents you won’t want, I got motivated to write down mine. I mean, it’s about time we embrace wholeheartedly our quirks. So here goes:

1) I have a predisposition to breaking things including cups, plates, buckets and my latest, our glass dining table which after paying 100 dollars for repair, my brain sent a message to my body to settle down a bit.

2) I can forget like it is nobody’s business. I went to the supermarket a few days ago and when I got to the counter (with all of my goodies) and It was time to pay, I opened my purse and realized I left my money at home. It was not a funny scene.

3) My brain (yes I’m blaming it again) doesn’t interpret sarcasm. You could say a sarcastic comment to me and in all seriousness, I’ld ask you to kindly elaborate.

4) The only animal that doesn’t petrify me is probably a goldfish and that too because I don’t have to touch it. I dislocated my hip-joint while running away from a cockroach which in my defense (okay, I have no defense here!).

5) I am an embarrassingly morbid procrastinator. I would pay anyone to take this talent (if I may call it that). P.s If you have any tips on getting rid of it, I’m all ears. Tried the to-do list method, didn’t work.

6) periods! Yup, it’s been a while since it’s made an appearance on my posts. One of my biggest talent is getting my period at the most inappropriate time. Like while wearing a white skirt outside, or In the middle of lectures… The list goes on.

7) I am worrible at reading in-between the lines. Dear future husband, in case you are reading this. Don’t tell me things like- you make my heart have irregular ventricular contractions. Seriously.

8) I have a talent of catching the flu. As long as I make contact with someone who has the flu, chances are I am going to get sick too. It doesn’t help there are over 100 serotypes. Which means if I get infected and resistant to one strain, there are 99 others waiting.

9) I once drew what I thought was a beautiful replica of the Nigerian map for my geography class and I was told it looked like a yam. That’s how good my drawing is.

…..and that’s it. My top nine talents you won’t want (which may or may not indicate that there are more). Now it is your turn, what are your top nine talents that we won’t want. I would love to nominate everyone reading this to share their top 9, come on guys, let’s embrace our quirks.

46 thoughts on “My top 9 Talents you won’t want!

  1. Love that you did this! And was laughing as I read them. I knew we had things in common! I am not sure which is harder, drawing Nigeria or a horse?? LOL! And hey forgetting to bring your wallet to the store, YUP happened to me and Yes it is embarrassing! Guess you should wear a mask when around people that have the flu πŸ™‚ Love the quote at the beginning of your post! Thanks for sharing and for encouraging others to, Yup we all need to laugh at ourselves! πŸ™‚

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      1. Glad you haven’t forgotten your wallet anymore πŸ™‚ I don’t know how or why things pop into my head sometimes πŸ™‚ glad this thing turned out to be a good thing! And why did I do 9 instead of a even number like 10? Just to be different πŸ™‚ I can definitely think of more things than only 9, LOL!

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  2. shocks, so all my sarcasm tidbits were in vain, (just kidding) :D. Sarcasm is the bomb! hehehe. Sorry but I laughed when you mention goldfish is the only animal that does not fear you. I just imagine you running away from a roach.

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    1. Hahaha πŸ˜„. The race was unsuccessful because as I jumped off the bed, I slipped and slid across the tile floor coming to a stop by hitting the cupboard with my waist 😁. Hahah, to think I gave the Roach so much power


  3. really great post !!!

    here’s mine – since you asked

    1. If there is the tiniest step on floor, a lip or divider – I will trip on it – whether I am wearing sneakers or heels
    2. Laundry is my nemisis
    3. Queen of the procrastinators too!
    4. Georgrapically impaired – couldn’t tell you where which state is and forget about countries –
    5. Cannot get my mind around the concept of a map – always get lost – fight with the GPS lady
    6. Do not retain any info I am not interested in – history – science – etc
    7. Insomniac extroardinaire.
    8. I find bed making an exercise in futility and only do it for “special” company
    9. No matter who I am introducing, under pressure, I would forget my own mother’s name

    Cheers all!

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