My Truth-

My Truth-


Placed myself
In others shoes;
Wrote about them
To escape the truth;
My world, crumbling-
Brick at a time;
The walls, closing in-
Nowhere to hide.
Loneliness ripping
The veins in my heart;
Memories turning
My nights into trials.

In prayer I found
The passion to breathe;
With ink from my vein-
I regained my will;
Through writing and rhyming,
Transforming my feelings,
To words read on paper-
I regained my zeal.

Placing myself,
In my own shoes;
I wrote my reality,
And realized my truth.

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22 thoughts on “My Truth-

  1. This seriously amazing and beautiful, your writing is supurb. I would love it if you could find the time to check out my blog and leave some feedback as I have recently began to inroduce my poems (although they are no were as near as good as yours) πŸ™‚


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