Left to Mourn-

Left to Mourn-


In the blink of a second,
It creeps on us;
We watch unsuspecting,
It draws what it wants;
Our chest, tightens
Our eyes, widened
Our hands, trembling
The soul- it’s gone.
Lying lifeless,
In front of us;
The new victim
Of death, departs.
And we stare and we watch,
And we cant, stop it’s work;
Cause their time, it’s up
As we watch, they’re gone.
In the blink of a second,
Death snatches the next;
Departs with the soul,
We’re left to mourn.

A dark cloud hovers,
In the silence of a sec;
We hope she’s sleeping,
But we know, she’s gone;
And lightning cracks
And thunder roars
If you’re lucky,
You mourn,
With flowing water works.
If not, you stare numb,
At the lifeless body;
Chest constricted,
As you phantom what’s happening.
Lifeless, a piece of-
Our heart is gone.
Their soul departs
We’re left to mourn.

I got the news that someone close to my heart, who took care of me as a kid has passed on. She is just in her late thirties and has such a big heart. I never got to say goodbye, but the memories I have of her and the amazing family of four children she’s left behind, I will forever treasure. May Al-jannat Firdaus be your final abode. Heaven is calling, we can’t say no to that.

14 thoughts on “Left to Mourn-

  1. Inna lilahi wa inna illayhir rajioun!! Inshallah may Allah swt grant her a lofty position.
    Please stay strong, it’s a young age to go away, but find positivity in her memories & just give her loads of dua.. That would be your biggest gift to her.
    Tc Hun!!

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