Flash Fiction: May-Fair Banned

Flash Fiction: May-Fair Banned


“It’s hidden in those balloons.”
“Baby, nothing is hidden in any balloon,” I reassure her.
“Nooo- I’m telling you. It’s there.” she’s pointing towards a man selling balloons. “Can’t you see, it’s the perfect hideout.”

Having had countless of such situations, I wait for the next phase and she doesn’t disappoint. Shouting at bystanders to back off, Lola attacks the balloon man, yelling gibberish. I walk as calmly as the mother of a schizophrenic fifteen year old in the middle of a crises can manage.
“I am sorry about my daughter,” I apologize to the balloon man and offer to pay for the damage to his balloons.

“Yeah right,” he mutters. “Get your crazy kid under control.”
A screw comes loose and fire alarms buzz in my head. Did he just call my Lola crazy?! The next thing, I am tearing Olaf’s face to the horror of onlookers and destroying Elsa and Rapunzel. Done, I grab Lola’s arm and scream, “now that’s crazy”.
           ….. And this is the reason I am banned from Mayfair grounds.

Word count: 174. This story is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers photo prompt challenge where a picture is given weekly and we write a 150 (+/-25) word story. The above image is courtesy of Pixabay.com

33 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: May-Fair Banned

  1. A mother will always defend their child! I doubt the balloon seller will forget that any time soon. A great story, Ameena, with a deft handling of a sensitive subject. Having a child with schizophrenia cannot be easy for any parent. 🙂

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  2. I think that most mothers would react in a similar way in he face of anyone denegrating her child – although perhaps not so violently! The mother-child bond is incredibly strong. Besides… who knows what’s hidden inside those balloons! 🙂


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