In Metaphors-

In Metaphors-


She didn’t need to rhyme,
To speak out her mind;
Oh what a relief!
To find she could write-
About all the heartaches,
That keep her at night;
Without sounding cheesy,
When pouring her heart;
And so down she wrote,
In phrases, far apart;
Of a rose petal smashed,
On the concrete pillar;
Of a flower abused,
‘Stead of loved and adored.
In metaphors she wrote-
Of the holes in her world.

It didn’t clean the darkness,
It didn’t fill the holes;
Didn’t burn back the cracks,
It didn’t make her whole.
But it did make it better,
One metaphor at a time;
With the sun down, she wrote words
Which in turn, lit her heart.
In the story of a petal-
Was the hidden, tale of her life.

Image courtesy: Through Two blue eyes

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