Writer’s quote: Rick Mofina

Writer’s quote: Rick Mofina


I took a few week from participating in Writer’s quote wednesday challenge, but I am glad to be back. My inspiration for this week is from a book I just got done reading by Rick Mofina- If Angels fall. I must say, for a first novel, he did a bang-up job. I felt like I was in the interrogation room with the FBIs and detectives, he took me on one heck of an amazing investigative journey.

The reason I chose this quote is- should we have to wait for life to throw it’s many curveballs at us before we “prioritize”. It’s true, everything becomes clear when we are at the threshold of losing everything; here’s the thing, why should we wait to be at the cliff end when we can avoid it. We all have ways of interpreting quotes and sayings and I daresay we are all right. But for me, quotes like this are kind of a “fore-warning” to take charge of things, before they worsen; to prioritize before I find my feet dangling.

For more about the sizzling crime author, Rick Mofina, click HERE. 

8 thoughts on “Writer’s quote: Rick Mofina

  1. But isn’t that the whole learning curve? The intent is to learn such that you end up nowhere near the “cliff”!
    Your first love lost because you wanted it on your terms. A lesson learned.
    Your 2nd love lost because you allowed them to dictate the terms. A lesson learned.
    Your 3rd love lost because you compromised on something that was really important to you. A lesson learned.
    Your 4th love lost because of cultural differences. A lesson learned.

    etc. etc. etc. however, all the lessons learned will hopefully direct you to a long term loving relationship. i.e. you are far away from that “cliff”. 🙂

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    1. Oh I love your examples. And it’s just too true, At the end of the day, we don’t leave empty handed. There are lessons learned to keep us company on the rest of the journey.
      Hahaha, may we be far away from the cliff!

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  2. Welcome back! What a fabulous quote too. When we reach that one certain spot it either makes us wake up or we suddenly realize we have to change. Well done. Glad to see you again. ❤

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