In Solitude-

In Solitude-


And when she couldn’t take it-
She sat with the mountains,
And swayed with the tree leaves;
She rocked with waves as,
They came crashing wildly.

And when in need of beauty-
She looked to the birds with
Β Their wings, rising- retracting
She gazed at the stars forming,
Gems in the skyline.

And when the world confused her-
She listened intently,
To sounds made at moonlight;
She looked to the lambs,
Seeking solitude from humans.

And when the sun rises-
She looks to the daisies
Inhaling from the petals;
Choosing to see the beauty,
ignoring errs of humans.

And when she still can’t take it-
She sits with the mountains,
Fixing her gaze skyward.

Image courtesy of FAVIM

16 thoughts on “In Solitude-

  1. A very perceptive piece of writing, and one which invites re-reading, and re-reading, and re-reading! It invokes so many visions of the world as we SHOULD see it, rather than how most of us DO see it. It invites the reader to take time to appreciate the real beauty of our world, and not waste it on man-made trivialities. Loved it. πŸ™‚

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  2. Reblogged this on Nuggets of Gold and commented:
    I have been so inspired by the poetry of my sweet friend from Randoms by a Random . I been wanting to share her poetry and figured now would be a great time, for her poetry speaks to my heart. I pray it speaks to yours too! Enjoy!


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