Letting go…

Letting go…


Let it go, they said. Like it’s just some patch on the sleeves of a shirt which would come off after a date with the detergent. But they were wrong, once again. They said we wouldn’t last, we did. They said, our meeting was a glitch in time but it wasn’t, was it? you had planed it all- the accident, the friendship, it was all a game to you. A game I fell in deeply and blindly for. A game that played me rather than the other way round. And here they are again, urging me to just let it go. But how can I? You broke my heart more than anyone could, you toyed with my soul like a kid in the zoo, but still I can’t let you go. And they wouldn’t understand… Nah, they wouldn’t get it even if their lives depended on it.

How do I explain to them that the girl who destroyed me was the same one who watched me at night bleed through my wrist but smiled and gave me a hug saying, I’ll still be with ya tomorrow.
How do I tell that the girl who betrayed my trust was the only one who visited me day after day when I was entered into the facility; that she was the one who boosted my courage and gave me the strength to face life and chase it with a different face and perception.

Yes she broke me, but she also taught me the way to build myself back up. The old me would have crumpled up after the betrayal, but the new me, she’s wading through the storms, slowly, steadily. How do I let go of someone who meant so much to me at some point in my life. I guess, life isn’t a straight line as we are taught, it’s filled with lots of curves and corners. Time heals everything they say, let’s see if they are right this time because even though the wounds are all scarred up, it still burns like it was just yesterday.

13 thoughts on “Letting go…

  1. Time may well heal ……………. but the memories will always be there. Just as fond memories of the past can be recalled, so can bad memories. The time healing process would seem to do little more than desensitize the heart. Is that really healing?


  2. I can relate to this.. some people say “let it go” like they never experienced love before.. Like it’s that easy to really let go, of the one person who gave you life once more.. But you will soon realise it within yourself, that you have to let go. Soon πŸ™‚

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    1. Exactly! Letting go isnt as easy as people think it is. And most times, it isn’t just the surface, there’s often something deeper when letting go becomes difficult. Thats what i wanted to show. Thank you dear 😊

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  3. I think the healing does not take away the memories, but you view them differently and it is not so painful. I’ve had times in my life that were pretty painful, but I managed to get passed the pain and they just became unpleasant memories, not something that keeps bothering me.

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  4. Pain often, if not always, comes from the known people. That is why it hurts more. Those who are supposed to be our support, cause our doom. But they keep acting like a savior.
    “chingari koi bhadke to saawan usey bujhaye..saawan jo agan lagaye use kaun… “


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