You never did…

You never did…


Did you ever love me,
Ever thought that we could be?
Was I blinded by delusions,
Couldn’t decipher fantasy?
Was there a moment in time,
When you thought “she could be mine”?
Was this really just a game,
And I a pawn in your chess play.

I broke my heart by loving you;
I tripped and fell- over you;
You saw beneath- the dreamer In me;
And fit it into your script.

I’ll wait for the wounds,
You burned to heal;
I’ll wait for my heart-
To be at peace;
I’ll weave out my dreams,
Into reality;
And show what a dreamer,
Can accomplish.

Maybe you never loved me,
Never thought that we could be;
But that’s okay- now I love me,
And indeed, that’s all I need.


18 thoughts on “You never did…

    1. Trust me, I’ve come to realise that loving one’s self is a hard thing to come by this days with all the rocks life keeps throwing. But what I do is, pretend that I had just one person to live for and that person is “me”. Focus on doing things that make you happy and blur out the rest. Baby steps, you’ll get there πŸ™‚ ❀

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      1. Though living out with some moments is harsh n bitter,but i always try to recall n miss things because they were once my happiest of happiest that i ever could have lived..

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      2. The “a” which is the 4th letter of afmai stands for Amina!
        J always liked that name
        Its a comment column so i cant tell u much about these things

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