You never did…

You never did…


Did you ever love me,
Ever thought that we could be?
Was I blinded by delusions,
Couldn’t decipher fantasy?
Was there a moment in time,
When you thought “she could be mine”?
Was this really just a game,
And I a pawn in your chess play.

I broke my heart by loving you;
I tripped and fell- over you;
You saw beneath- the dreamer In me;
And fit it into your script.

I’ll wait for the wounds,
You burned to heal;
I’ll wait for my heart-
To be at peace;
I’ll weave out my dreams,
Into reality;
And show what a dreamer,
Can accomplish.

Maybe you never loved me,
Never thought that we could be;
But that’s okay- now I love me,
And indeed, that’s all I need.