Secrets of Man

Secrets of Man


The harmattan breeze,
Blew the oak trees wildly;
golden brown leaves,
Decorating the earth;
He stood me atop,
His fragile old man thighs;
And whispered to me-
The secrets of man.

Someday you’ll grow up,
And wander far and wide;
Meet people of towns,
With different backgrounds;
A specie you’ll find-
In almost every town:
Men who wag their tongues out-
Be wary my child.

And on you will go,
To farther distances;
Enthralled by men,
And their worldly manners;
You’ll learn of the men
Who know not enough;
Contentment of heart-
Foreign to their land

And boy you will see,
The irony of life;
The wealthy lonely,
The wretched happy;
Yearn not to be like
A certain category;
‘Stead head for the grey line-
A perfect balance.

And walk not with grim face;
And thin not your lips;
Drag not you over coat;
And stomp not your feet.
And tend to the needy,
Hold life with a pinch;
Take patience as a partner,
And you’ll be at peace.


8 thoughts on “Secrets of Man

  1. So many lessons in that piece, and you have total control over whether you accept or reject them. Will your happiness be material things, or will it be service to others? Will you treat poor people with courtesy and respect or will you treat them with disdain? Will you succumb to your own ego, or will you be humble?
    The beauty of life is that we all have opportunities to be really happy but, unfortunately, so many get caught up in self worth and live only for themselves. These are the people who are very angry and frustrated in later years when they realize that the only life they would ever have, has been squandered. Always treat people the way you would like to be treated. πŸ™‚

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    1. Exactly! This is something I try to remind myself everyday. To treat people I’m the manner I would love to be treated. I wanted this poem to show that we do have a choice to decide which path to choose. Like you said, we could either accept or reject it, but it is up to us.

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    1. Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You’re absolutely right, we always have a choice in life and with a little guidance, we will make the right decisions πŸ™‚


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